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infant2Infant & Toddler Programs


6 months -17 months old
Ratio of 1 staff member to 3 infants

Toddlers :

18 months – 2  years old
1 staff member to 5 toddlers

Our Infant and Toddler Program are based on the principle that young children learn best through direct hands-on experiences with people, objects, events and ideas. They want to learn how things work. Our infants and toddlers are encouraged to discover the world around them by exploring and playing. They learn to develop relationships with adults and other children, thereby fostering a sense of security and trust.The infant and toddler classrooms are arranged in areas organized around specific kinds of play and care. For instance, there is a movement and play area, a sleep and relaxation area, an area for meals, diapering, music and a story time area. There are plenty of discovery materials to stimulate the senses and promote learning. Our bright and cheerful rooms have lots of natural light.

programs2Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Foster Independence
  • Develop social relations and express emotions
  • Explore their surroundings
  • Moving their bodies and recognising parts of their bodies
  • Talking, listening and communicating
  • Enhance listening skills and responding to music
  • Experiencing space, time and routine

Schedules and Routines

While our daily program schedule is flexible, we have some established set of routines:

  • infant3

    Arrival and departure time

  • Individual and group times
  • Story time
  • Arts & Crafts time
  • Meal and bodily care routines
  • Outside time
  • Music and movement times
  • Nap time

Music, rhymes, story times and language activities abound in the infant and toddler rooms.

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